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PapairWrap ÔÇô the bubble wrap made of paper

Are you looking for a plastic-free packaging solution?

PapairWrap is the sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging material.

We rely entirely on paper and produce PapairWrap without plastic or adhesives. After use, you can simply recycle it and make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

Make the difference with PapairWrap. Sustainable, practical, environmentally friendly.

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  • All PapairProducts are versatile. They adapt flexibly to different shapes and can be customised to individual requirements.

  • They are suitable for dispatch processes and intralogistics in the corporate context as well as for use at home.

  • They protect sensitive items, save resources & volume and protect the environment - your contribution to greater sustainability in the world of packaging.

More about PapairWrap
PapairWrap, die Luftpolsterfolie aus Papier als nachhaltige Alternative zu herk├Âmmlichem Verpackungsmaterial aus Plastik.
"We are delighted to be making a further contribution to sustainability by using PapairWrap and working together to achieve our climate targets."
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JAB ANSTOETZ Group ÔÇô The Design Company
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Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.
"With PapairWrap, we fulfil our own aspirations and our customers' desire for sustainable packaging material."
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PapairWrap ÔÇô for your customised packaging solution

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