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– made for recycling –

With various qualities and designs, PapairWrap is the reliable packaging solution with a wide range of applications.


Rolls, sheets, bags, additional coating and in combination with other cushioning materials offer customised packaging alternatives.


PapairWrap consists entirely of paper. No plastics or adhesives are added. It is fully recyclable and biodegradable.


While the classic variants score highly in terms of value for money, the eco variants made from 100% recycled paper offer that extra sustainability.


The all-rounder for sustainable packaging and padding with low volume.

  • flexible and versatile in use
  • protects directly on the product
  • reliable cushioning effect

⮕ Suitable for electrical appliances, tools, machine and spare parts, furniture, ceramics, earthenware

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Sustainable padded bags made of PapairWrap in individual sizes and designs. Available to suit the respective application.

  • cushioning and packaging material for intralogistics
  • for shipping accessories, spare parts and small parts
  • individual sizes and features possible

⮕ Suitable for small electrical appliances, cosmetics, books, individual parts, loose items made of metal, plastic or wood

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Sheets as a sustainable intermediate layer in logistics and for standardised packaging processes.
  • Use in production and intralogistics
  • Use in combination with existing loading systems 
  • Customised sizes and dimensions possible

⮕ Suitable for industry and logistics, machine parts, industrial equipment, but also crockery and ceramics

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PapairWrap Plus

PapairWrap with multifunctional coating

  • water and oil repellent
  • protects surfaces
  • also available as bags and sheets

⮕ Suitable for moisture / condensation and oil-based corrosion protection

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Sturdy padded bags with soft, flexible filling made from shredded waste cardboard

  • for filling cavities in the shipping carton
  • as a supplement to the PapairWrap range
  • reusable and recyclable

⮕ Suitable for glass and porcelain, electronic devices, for non-standardised product shapes and sizes

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