Together for a world without unnecessary plastic waste

Plastic waste and its impact on nature are among the biggest threats to our planet. As a start-up in the circular economy, our vision is to rid the packaging industry of unnecessary plastic waste.

The Problem:

The pollution of the earth by plastic waste substantially endangers the future of our planet. The damage ranges from microplastics to the release of other toxic substances into the groundwater. In addition, there are immense CO2 emissions that pollute the climate. Despite this situation, sustainable packaging materials on the market to date have not been able to successfully replace plastic.

»3.6 billion tons of plastic packaging waste have ended up in our environment so far. Our goal is to actively minimize this figure.
57% of existing packaging can be replaced by Papair products.«

Our Mission:

Our mission is to minimize the use of plastic in the packaging industry. This is the only way to prevent unnecessary plastic waste, microplastics and exorbitantly high CO2 emissions.
With the help of public relations work, which raises awareness of the problem, and a product range for the mail order business, we will give consumers the opportunity to make a conscious decision in favor of environmentally friendly packaging. In the future, we will also to support social projects that contribute to a plastic-free world worth living in.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to rid the world of unnecessary plastic waste and leave it a better place. In the future, the Papair brand will stand for environmental awareness bundled with social commitment.

The Papair Team

The founders of Papair are united by a long-standing friendship shaped by sports. Ambition, irrepressible will and team spirit are therefore just as much cornerstones of the company as a keen awareness of problems, forward-looking inventiveness and a sense for the right moment. The knowledge that they can rely on each other, stick together and have a common goal in mind helps the team on its way to a shared vision.

Eng. Fabian​ Solf​
Chief Technology Officer

During his time at Airbus Operations in Hamburg, Fabian Solf was responsible for parts of international production planning and control. Since childhood, he has had a strong connection with nature through his grandfather's beekeeping business, which he continues today. His goal at Papair is to give something back to the environment and society.

M. Sc. Christopher Feist​
Chief Executive Officer​

Through his experience at Deloitte in Hamburg and the start-up COMATCH in Berlin, Christopher Feist has extensive knowledge of business processes in a wide variety of areas. He grew up in the countryside as a child, which is why his surroundings are very close to his heart. With Papair, he wants to create a brand that not only stands for sustainable packaging, but also supports social projects..

Eng. Steven​ Widdel​
Chief Research Officer

Steven Widdel gained profound experience in the development of the ID.3 during his employment at Volkswagen. Thanks to his studies in renewable raw materials technology, he has a strong awareness of sustainability. By developing a sustainable packaging solution, he would like to make his contribution to a world without unnecessary plastic waste.

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