The bubble wrap
made of paper

safe, cost effective, sustainable

The paper bubble wrap is the alternative to conventional packaging materials. Thanks to the innovative and patented production process, goods can be packed economically and in an environmentally friendly manner. With PapairWrap, companies no longer have to choose between low prices and sustainability, because with Papair products, both are possible at the same time. You too can benefit from the wide range of applications and work with us to reduce your use of plastic.


With the use of Papair products, goods are always well protected during shipping. The high cushioning effect is created by the special geometric shape of the bubbles in combination with a two-layer processing of the paper. This makes the bubble wrap particularly stable. Despite the high protective effect of the cushioning paper, it remains flexible and adapts optimally to your product at all times. Compared to conventional sustainable packaging materials, such as wrapping paper, the volume weight can thus be significantly reduced.

Cost effective

Papair products are cost-neutral compared to their plastic counterparts and will be able to undercut the price more and more in the long term. This is made possible by steadily rising prices of conventional manufacturers, due to regulations such as the Packaging Act or the CO2 tax.
Previous sustainable packaging materials required a large volume for an adequate cushioning effect. With paper bubble wrap, only a fraction of this volume is needed. This saves resources, volume weight and causes lower postage costs.


The paper bubble wrap is made of 100% recycled paper and does not use any plastics or adhesives. By using recycled paper, Papair contributes its share to a functioning circular economy in Germany. Each paper fiber can pass through the recycling process up to eight times. Already during the production process, care is taken to ensure that both energy-efficient processes and a closed water cycle are in place to minimize the environmental impact.

Products & Application


The double-sided embossed bubble wrap made of paper has excellent cushioning properties and is ideal for protecting a wide variety of goods. Thanks to excellent flexibility, cylindrical products such as bottles as well as other individually shaped products are protected during transport. The environmentally friendly PapairWrap is made of 100% recycled paper, contains no chemical additives and is fully biodegradable.


The shipping bag with integrated padding is the ideal ecological alternative to plastic-based shipping bags. PapairWrap as the inner cover provides optimum cushioning protection for sensitive goods during transport. Due to the exclusive use of recycled paper and the absence of chemical additives, the cushioning bag can be completely recycled without waste separation. The integrated self-adhesive closure made of natural glue also makes it easy to close.


Direct integration of PapairWrap in folding cartons makes it possible to completely dispense with additional filler and cushioning material. The embossed inner surfaces made of 100% recycled paper offer optimum protection for impact-sensitive products and ensure a secure hold during transport. The folding box thus conserves our resources, our environment and convinces with safety.

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