Protect your products and protect our Enviroment

Discover the first bubble wrap made of
100% recycling paper


The Problem:
Plastic packaging waste destroys our planet

So far more than 7 billion tons of plastic waste have ended up in our nature. More than half of this are packaging materials.
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Our Solution:
Bubble wrap made of paper

Like no packaging material before, Papair products combine cost efficiency and environmental awareness. Companies no longer have to choose between cost-effectiveness and sustainability. With Papair, both are possible at the same time.

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PapairWrap is the first real alternative to conventional bubble wrap:


secure cushioning and reduction of volume weight compared to other sustainable packaging materials

cost effective

no extra costs compared to conventional bubble wrap


made of 100% recycled paper, biodegradable and CO2-saving

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Advantages for companies

The paper bubble wrap is the sustainable alternative to conventional packaging: It is made of 100% recycled paper and thus prevents unnecessary plastic waste. During its life cycle, approximately 75% CO2 emissions are saved compared to the conventional product. Overall, Papair products combine cushioning capability, cost efficiency and sustainability like no other product before.

Advantages for consumer

Thanks to the use of 100% recycled paper, the paper bubble wrap is biodegradable without residue and does not harm nature or animals. Consumers can simply dispose of the product in the waste paper, so that the paper can be recycled up to 8 times. Online shopping without worries and a world without unnecessary plastic waste is now possible.

The Team

We are Fabian Solf, Christopher Feist and Steven Widdel, the founders of Papair. Together we work on solutions for a world without unnecessary plastic waste.
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Teamfoto von Papair
v. l. Fabian Solf, Christopher Feist, Steven Widdel

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