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This is Papair

We founded Papair in 2020 and set out on the journey from initial idea to finished product.

Since 2022 we have been producing PapairWrap, the first bubble wrap made from 100% recycled paper.


PapairWrap - sustainable packaging with paper bubble wrap

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Das sind wir

Who we are

Our team is the foundation of our success. Each and every one of us has his or her own motivation to contribute to greater sustainability through our work at Papair.

The knowledge that we can rely on each other, stick together and have a common goal in mind are formative for our cooperation.

Unsere Produktionshalle in Rethem bei Hannover

Our production

At our production site in Rethem an der Aller (Lower Saxony) we manufacture for our customers in Germany and abroad. With a self-developed and patented technology, we produce PapairWrap and other sustainable packaging materials Made in Germany.

We are proud to have made the journey from a startup to a globally recognized company.

Unsere Produktion

Our mission: to rid the world of unnecessary plastic waste

Our Vision

We want to rid the world of unnecessary plastic waste in order to leave it a better place for future generations. With our bubble wrap made of recycled paper, we are making our contribution to this and want to be a role model for others. In the future, Papair will stand as a brand for environmentally friendly packaging material.

This is what every Papair team member stands up for!

Our Story - from the idea to the startup

  • PapairWrap prototype lies on grass
    The idea is born
  • Fabian Solf and Christopher Feist the founders of Papair in natur
    Foundation scholarship
    Fabian and Christopher receive the NBank Foundation scholarship
  • The complete founding team of Papair in May 2020 consisting of Christopher Feist Fabian Solf and Steven Widdel
    The team is complete
    Steven completes the founding team
  • The founding team of Papair Christopher Fabian and Steven on the day of the foundation of the GmbH
    Papair GmbH is established
  • Papair paper bubble wrap sample
    Our patent is submitted
    After successful product development, we file our patent.
  • Acknowledgement as a post on social media for four hundred thousand euros raised through a crowdinvesting campaign
    After less than 52 hours, our €400,000 crowdinvesting campaign ends.
  • The founding team of Papair together with new partners at the signing of the pre-seed funding.
    Pre-Seed Financing
    We are increasing the pace and bringing competent partners on board.
  • The new production hall at the Rethem site near Hanover, Germany, where Papair will produce in the future, is ready.
    Hall in Rethem
    We move into our production hall in Rethem and start preparations.
  • Papair-Leipa_Quadrat
    Leipa as another partner
    We have the LEIPA Group on board as another strong partner with over 175 years of experience and know-how in the field of paper and 100% recycled-based solutions.
  • Durchstarterpreis Newsletter
    Winner of the Durchstarterpreis
    Papair wins the Durchstarter award in the scale up category
  • Amazon Accelerator
    Amazon Accelerator
    Out of 1500 applications, Papair is one of 16 startups selected for the Amazon Accelerator. For us the turbo for market entry :)
  • 230725_Ankunft-Papair-Maschine-Rethem-0003-2
    Production start
    Production starts and the first meters of PapairWrap roll off the line.

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Meet Team Papair

That's us!

Fabian Solf CTO and co-founder of Papair

Fabian Solf

CTO and Founder

Since my childhood, I have been strongly connected to nature through my grandfather's beekeeping, which I continue today. My goal at Papair is to give something back to the environment and society.

Christopher Feist CEO and Co-Founder of Papair

Christopher Feist

CEO and Founder

I grew up in the countryside as a child. That's why my environment is very close to my heart. With Papair, I want to create a brand that not only stands for sustainable packaging, but also supports social projects.

Anke Thies Marketing Manager at Papair

Anke Thies

Marketing Management

Living sustainability in everyday life - that's how I do my part to protect the environment. At Papair, with a special team and an innovative product, I can create a basis for making it even easier to avoid plastic waste.


Merle Stephan

Brand Management 

My aspiration is to do something meaningful with my work. With Papair, I have found a company where I can play a part in making a difference. For me, it's about working with our environment, not against it.

Steven Widdel CDO and Co-Founder of Papair

Steven Widdel

CDO and Founder

Studying technology of renewable raw materials has shaped my awareness of sustainability. With the development of a sustainable packaging solution, I would like to make my contribution to a world without unnecessary plastic waste.


Michell Bernholz 

Machine and equipment operator

While looking for a new professional challenge, I came across "paper bubble wrap" and was quickly hooked. As a machine and plant operator at Papair, I can now also make my contribution to a better environment. The fact that I reach my new workplace by bicycle rounds it all off.

Pauline Steube PR and Communication at Papair GmbH

Pauline Steube

PR & Communication

Sustainability is very important to me in my daily life. I love to see this reflected in my work and to support Papair in introducing sustainable packaging alternatives.


Lars Dieckmann


Doing something for the environment with a cool team, that's exactly what I want! I'm up for the exciting mission in which we will take many right and important steps together. Let's take up the fight against unnecessary plastic waste.


Jason Strube


Through the student organisation Enactus, I learned how important startups are for sustainable entrepreneurship and new alternative solutions. Together with Papair, I am excited to give bubble wrap a new face and reduce plastic waste.


Laura Solombrino 

Visual communication

I try to make my everyday life as sustainable as possible. Through Papair, I now also have the opportunity to work in an area that aims to do just that and I am happy to be a part of it.



Papair Superhero

 On my mission to rid the world of unnecessary plastic waste, I came across the Papair team. I thought the paper bubble wrap thing was so great that I stuck around to help.


Finn Mitera

Business Development

 Plastic waste is harming our planet in a way that makes it all the more important for me to do something about it. That's why I'm excited to take on this challenge right at the start of my career.


Nico Werner 

Machine and equipment operator

 As a village child, I grew up with nature and also grow my own food in the garden. That's why I'm very enthusiastic about Papair's sustainable concept! The profession of a machine and plant operator has been with me since I was 16 years old and is totally my thing. So: let's go Team Papair!


Robert Sommler

Business Development & Finance 

 These are questions that have preoccupied me for a long time in view of the pollution of our environment: Can I make my own small contribution to reducing this vast amount of plastic waste? How actually? With what at all? When? The answer from Papair: Yes!